Monday, March 23, 2009

Jom ke Taman Negara (1-3 May 09)

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L & G,You are cordially invited for an awesome adventure at Taman Negara Park, Malaysia. Estimated at 130 million years old, it is the oldest rain forest in the world- older than Amazon.

The best part is, it is just about 3hrs drive from KL. You wouldn't want to miss it! (Macam Azalina la pulak)

Date: 1-3 May 2009
Activity: Until you pass out

As such, please confirm your participation ASAP for further arrangement.Please visit for details.Thank you very much.

JOM le ramai2 kita meriahkan percutian kita........... fadly cakap tarikh tutup utk confirmkan adalah rabu ni kot...... (lusa ler.... tak lama dah....). CEPAT2...........